Look, I’m not a New Year’s Resolution guy. I’m a RIGHT NOW guy. I’m too impatient to wait for January 1st. But this year I’m doing something a little bit different. This is something I’m willing to put off until January 1st for.

Beginning January 1st, I will go lacto-ovo-vegetarian. This means that I will still consume dairy and eggs. This is a very common form of vegetarianism. I will do this for 1 month… 30 days. And I will be updating frequently about my journey. I will start with analyzing my body using my ultra cool professional grade scale and determine my body weight, muscle mass, fat mass, and body fat % at the start, and then again at the the end of 30 days. My exercise regimen and all other factors will remain consistent with what I have been doing. And hey, since it’s December 29th, that’s close enough and I’m already at my scale, so let’s see what we have to start with! Hold on a sec, I’ll brb.

Ok, I’m back. Results are as follows:

Weight:                166.2 lbs
Fat %:                  12.6
Fat mass:              21.01 lbs
Muscle mass:       138.0 lbs

Well, we are just finishing the holiday season, so I guess that’s about right. Oh well, let’s see how this vegetarian thing goes. I’ll keep you all updated on the foods I’m having and how they taste, etc.

Cheer me on! I’m going to miss my chicken and fish and bacon. Ok, just kidding about the bacon.