Yeah, yeah I know the title is corny and cliched, but it’s the best I could come up with. But you have to admit that it’s true. As I write this we are 2 days away from December. I’ll say that again…. De-freaking-cember. I know I’m not alone in that the year flew by. A lot changed for me, personally. And I’m sure you had a lot go on as well. Good, bad, or otherwise. Hey, how about that Donald Trump?

Just kidding. Today’s post is an exercise in looking back along with a shameless plug for my upcoming nutrition and fitness challenge beginning on January 9th. Oh, did I mention that I’m going to be running a nutrition and fitness challenge beginning on January 9th?

But let’s start with the reflective part of the post today. It really doesn’t have anything necessarily to do with exercising or nutrition, but I think it’s important nonetheless. I’ve had these conversations many times before, and oftentimes with myself. I am big on setting goals and doing my best to achieve them. And I’m guessing that pertains to you as well, no? And reaching a goal is an awesome feeling, no matter how small. But then what? Well, we set another and another and another (those last 5 words remind me of my days bellied up to the bar at the chocolate shop there on Chauncey hill). So we go on and on, setting goal after goal and hopefully reaching the majority of them. And the next thing you know it’s 10 years later and a LOT has been accomplished and happened.

My point here is that I think it’s important to look back on all that we’ve accomplished instead of always just looking for the next goal to reach. Otherwise, what’s the point? The only way to truly enjoy our successes, according to me anyway, is to reflect on them. So for me for example, I worked pretty hard to obtain my RD credential (it was a longer road than it needed to be) back in 2010. But before I’d even sat for my exam I was only focused on getting a job. I’m not sure I really allowed myself to enjoy it as much as I should have. But looking back now I can smile and appreciate it. Another instance for me would be the business. It’s so easy to get fully absorbed into it that I often forget to appreciate the situation I’m in. So I’m asking you guys today to look back and appreciate some of the things you’ve accomplished. Even if your year was a bag of shit. There’s something there.

Okay, now for the shameless plug… again. The challenge will begin on January 9th and run through Monday, February 6th. Also, this will be a habit based challenge. You will have the option to choose out of a list which habits you want to focus on. Some examples include meditating 10 minutes each day, keeping a food journal, eating breakfast everyday, keeping a gratitude journal, and many others. Now, it won’t be entirely habit based because I want to get people in here to the gym and working out as well, but it will heavily rely on the habits. I don’t have the full details on the challenge yet as I have to meet this coming Monday with my friend who is going to help me run it, but keep an eye out on social media and spread the word! There WILL be awesome prizes if we can get enough people to sign up for this. And by awesome I mean cash (a nice chunk, trust me), an iPad, discounts on training here with me and on nutrition too, gift certificates around town, etc. I’ll make sure they are kick ass. I’m still dialing in on the cost, but expect it to be around $99-$120 with heavy discounts for those who choose to sign up with me after the challenge has ended.

If this is successful, the plan is to run a challenge every quarter so if you miss this one, know that there will be other opportunities. But I’d recommend getting in on this one because why not get started on your health journey early? Next week’s post will be about the absolute details of the challenge (sorry in advance) so be on the lookout!