Okay, so as you may or may not have heard, I am running a New Years Challenge. NOT a resolution because those are dumb. Sorry, I’m just not a fan. If it was that important to you, then you’d start today. But I digress.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions as to how the challenge will be structured and I’ve just recently dialed in the details of it. So without further adieu, here is how the Feel Good in ’17 Challenge will go!

Duration and start date: 28 days beginning on Monday, January 9th and wrapping up on Sunday/Monday, February 5th/6th.

What it is (and isn’t): This is a habit based challenge. We do not require any measurements, weights, body fat %, etc. However, if that is something you would like to monitor for yourself, we can certainly provide that. It is just not the focus of the challenge. Again this is habit based. So you may be asking yourself at this point, “okay cool, but what exactly does that mean?” Essentially there are 4 main points of emphasis in which we track. They are Training, Nutrition, Detox, and Lifestyle. Now for each category there are things that you will do daily/weekly and record them to a daily tracking sheet.

For Training, you must (or I should say GET TO) train at the Feel Good Nutrition and Fitness facility a minimum of 3x per week to earn your “points” for that week. Each persons’ workout will be individualized and based off of a Functional Movement Screen that each participant will go through. Workout sessions are typically around 1 hour in duration and are done in a small group personal training setting (1-6 people per hour). Training times will be determined on number of participants and their schedules. I’m open to a lot of possibilities.

For Nutrition, you’ll simply aim to eat 3 balanced meals each day. For those who sign up I will be discussing what this ultimately entails.

For the Detox, the goal is to do your best to eliminate added sugars in your diet. Again, for those who sign up I will discuss how to navigate that aspect of the challenge.

For Lifestyle, you will simply choose 1 out of 5 daily habits to adhere to. They are as follows:

  • Meditate for 5 minutes
  • Walk for 20 minutes
  • Turn screens of by 9 pm each night
  • Keep a daily food log (highly recommend this one)
  • Drink a glass of water upon waking each morning

At the end of each day/week you tally up your points (there’s an easy to follow system, don’t worry) and submit them to the website for the challenge I have set up. Each week we’ll have a prize for the person(s) with the highest point total. Prizes will be decided upon once I know how many will be joining this challenge, but they’ll be kick ass I promise. Also, there will be an overall grand prize for the person with the most points at the end of the challenge. Although that person is likely to have already attained the ultimate prize…. feeling and looking awesome!

Who the challenge is for: Everyone! That’s the beauty of it. Because each program is tailor made for each person, anyone can join. Bring a spouse, friend, cousin, uncle, co-worker, or whoever you like to join in the fun with you! Hey, it’s only 28 days after all. You can do anything for 28 days. Well…. not heroin. Don’t do heroin for 28 days. But you can do this!

Facebook Group: In addition to the website, we have set up a private Facebook group so that you can get on and share tips, ideas, recipes, photos of your progress, or just to post a funny meme. It’s all about fun! You’ll meet new friends and can stay connected to me as well. So it’s a great place to throw out that question you forgot to ask me when you were at the gym. I’ll be monitoring it daily and will be happy to respond.

Bonus of the week: Each week, in addition to the 4 major categories above, I will be posing a “bonus” challenge for everyone to do. Think of it like extra credit. It’s not necessary, but why not go all in? I will announce this bonus on Monday of each week and you will have until week’s end to complete it. A bonus challenge might be something like taking a photo of yourself prepping your meals for the week. Or it might be sharing a recipe with the group and posting a photo of you with the finished product. It could also be fitness related. Maybe you felt like banging out 10 goblet squats with your dog in your arms during a commercial break. Snap a photo of that one for sure!

So there you have it. These are the details of the Feel Good in ’17 Challenge and I’m pumped to get it underway. There is a lot I still have to do behind the scenes, but if there is one thing I can ask of you (other than signing up, that is) it would be to tell anyone you know who might be interested in doing this!

The cost to sign up is $49 for current clients and $149 for new members.

That’s less than most spend on groceries in a week (if you have kids).

That’s less than 2 upper-level tickets at a Colts game

That’s less than… well a lot of things we buy!

Bottom line is that this is a great deal, I promise. My goal is for you to walk away saying, “I can’t believe we got all of that for just $149”. This is a special promotional deal so if you’re on the fence that might be something to think about.

Thanks so much for reading all the way to the end. I’m sorry it’s all pushy promotional stuff, but I have to do these once in a while too. So that’s all for this week. Til next time!